Norco Overnight - Norco falsified my recipients signature Cover UP Lost Stolen False Threats Lies Package Theft

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Norco /Overnight express took 4 days to "deliver" an overnight package.The recipient never received the package , the proof of delivery was signed by the driver after he realized the lost package was heavily insured.

The claim was denied because they had a "signature" (although legally denied by the receiver ) and because I paid with a credit card. They accepted the credit card for shipping charges and insurance but now deny the claim stating they don't trust shipments paid with a credit card.

Please Beware do not ship with this fraudulent company .Norco falsified my recipients signature Cover UP Lost Stolen False Threats Lies Package Theft

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Well the truth is the original owner die son took it over a *** over everybody that why he sold it to some other compay sad for a company to be around sence the late 50' And but wht happen when kids no nothing bout the biz! Glad i got out in a enough time

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As a former employee this happens more often than not.The deliveries are late often and a lot of time dispatch will let the sender know something like the recipient wasn't there to sign etc, some excuse because the drivers use their own vehicle and don't like to make a second trip once they are out of the area.

Generally this means early 9 am deliveries will not get there on time, if at all that day. Lost packages do happen and their "state of the art" tracking system just lets them know if the warehouse got the package, the driver got the package, and when it was delivered (never where its at exactly). Norco prices may be cheap but like they say you get what you pay for and their service is definitely horrible.

Nonetheless that's no excuse to give bad service, and falsifying a signature is definitely illegal.For sure you had a case against them (the company also went through a class action suit from its employees so what does that tell you?), not sure if it's too late to do so now.


As a friend of a former employee, this does not surprise me at all and it is not an isolated case.My friend have seen Overnights and Express Mails delivered extremely late all the time.

What is even worse is that Norco even as a surcharge of their own to deliver Express Mail from the Post Office. This means The USPS's charge for Express mail delivery and Norco's additional charge for the recipient to pick it up.

As for falsefing your confirmation of delivery, I personally believe that you should have sought legal action against them or maybe even criminal charges if possible against the management.If it was criminal charges,then they would probably have thrown the delivery driver under the bus.

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